What is eMentor?

eMentor, IFT’s virtual mentoring program, connects individuals looking to advance their careers, or students working on their degrees, with accomplished professionals working in the science of food who can share valuable insights based on their experiences. 

The virtual structure includes a Mentor Request Forum where mentees can post a formal mentor request as well as a General Discussion area for those that wish to post questions or provide feedback for open discussion.

Joining eMentor

The eMentor Program is available to IFT members only, and any member can participate, either as a mentor shaping the career of an aspiring food professional or as a mentee who is seeking career guidance.

As a mentor, you…

•    Shape the future of the apiring professionals by sharing insights, resources, and connections.
•    Build your leadership skills as you motivate and encourage mentees
•    Gain personal satisfaction knowing you’ve contributed to someone’s growth and development

As a mentee, you…

•    Receive guidance from a mentor with hands-on experience
•    Gain a new perspective on your career path
•    Develop knowledge and skills you can use to succeed in your current position
•    Make new connections and learn about professional resources through your mentor

Are you ready?

Log In or Join IFT

This program is only available to members. If you are interested in participating in the eMentor program, please Log In or consider becoming an IFT Member by visiting this link