Join or Update a Group

Join or Update a Group

Joining groups in IFT Connect is a great way to make connections, share information, ask questions, and access helpful resources. As an IFT member you can join or update your groups including:

Pre-selected Regional Section and Topical Division Groups
When you join or renew your membership you are prompted to select preferred topical divisions and are placed in your geographical section. This data is passed into the IFT System to automatically enroll you in those corresponding community groups.

Updating your Division Selections
To update your division selections you need to access your IFT member account and either add or unsubscribe to desired divisions.
Update Division Selection

Adding Regional Sections
If you would like to join additional IFT regional section community groups, please contact the IFT Central support team Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. CT at +1.800.IFT.FOOD, +1.312.782.8424 or

IFT HUB All Members Group
As an IFT member you are automatically subscribed to the IFT HUB group. The HUB is where you can ask general IFT related questions, post “Ask Me Anything” related discussion posts, get announcements about important deadlines and more. If you would like to be removed from this group, please contact the IFT Connect Community Manager at

IFT Volunteer and Governance Groups
As a registered volunteer or volunteer leader you are automatically added to Ift volunteer and volunteer leadership groups. If you would prefer to not participate in these community groups please contact the IFT Connect Community Manager at